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Customer Reviews

Mr. ROBERT NEWMAN | 21-04-2017

  It might be a good business idea to offer a valeting service before the car is returned.

Mr. ROBERT NEWMAN | 21-04-2017

  Other than being a GOOD walk from the terminal - the service this time was good.

Mr. Barry Down | 19-04-2017

  Excellent service.

Mrs. Khushdip Kaur Chahil | 13-04-2017


Ms. Winnie Leong | 07-04-2017

  Very happy with the service. Would definitely use it again for the right price. Well done to the chap who called back immediately when I couldn't get through and received an incorrect number message on my return journey. That message was about to put a panic in me as I had no idea what to do and is the last thing I would want after a flight back.

Mr. Moishe Lipschitz | 29-03-2017

  I was asked to pay an additional 5 pounds on arrival for parking, which I believe was unfair.

Miss. Lorraine Phillips | 27-03-2017


Miss. Joanne Williamson | 15-03-2017

  Quick, efficient and stress free parking, thanks very much to all

Mr. gerrard storan | 01-03-2017

  Everything went fine and smooth

Mr. Colin Bell | 28-02-2017

  Excellent delays..very efficient Thanks

Mr. jason woodburn | 03-01-2017

  Yes parking and finding was easy but we only parked car for 6 hours due to cancelled flight so did not get full use and as having to pay £5 to exit after this not very happy thanks

Mr. Janusz Zukowski | 16-12-2016

  I phoned after collecting luggage as per agreement. I then waited 40 minutes in the cold at the short stay car park with no sign of my car arriving. Only after several protests did the attendant try to track down the whereabouts of my car, to be told it had not been dispatched to the airport and would now be sent immediately. As a result I ended up waiting for an hour in total. Even though I had to change my return date as a result of illness and notified Swift by phone, this cannot be used as an excuse as I contacted on landing as usual. Very disappointed in the service on this occasion.

Mr. Andrew Head | 18-06-2016

  Staff were there to meet when I arrived and car was ready when I returned. No problems at all

Mr. john Wainwright | 18-06-2016

  No complaints about meet and greet service just a bit hard to find due to work being carried out at Luton airport. Would certainly use again. John and Ann (from Kent)

Miss. Nurlana Kerimli | 11-06-2016

  Great all sorted quickly and efficiently

Mr. Todor Kolev | 11-06-2016

  Friendly, quick and easy. Thank you!

Mr. Nicu Stefan | 04-05-2016

  Loved it, this was our 3rd time parking with MAP, the drivers are also very friendly and efficient! Many thanks to all involved 😊😊😊

Miss. Gabriela Nester | 20-03-2016

  Great service. Staff members were really nice and on time. Didn't have to wait more than 5 mins and everything was dealt with quickly. The car was in great condition, so for those afraid of having scratches or other stuff happening to their car, it won't happen. Thanks!! Will definitely use this service again. Great value for money.

Mr. Ian Darling | 06-03-2016


Mr. Steve Brown | 05-03-2016

  We were met at terminal by a very pleasant man, helpful and prompt what better can you ask for.